We invite you to become an Individual Donor to support a community organization that “connects, cultivates and engages community through the arts.” Thank you to all of our current donors; your donation is essential to the growth of our community. 


$100 - $499*:

Laura Gabiger
Valerie Tutson
Peter Bortolotti
Richard Snyder
Ron Crosson
Anne Tait
Carla Destefano
Christina Bevilacqua
Adeola Oredola
Jude Sandy
James Roche & Catalina Martinez
Jesus Andujar


Stephanie Fortunato
Shawn Christian



Robert Sugar
Valerie Tutson



Jodi Glass & Ruth Horton


To become an Individual Donor, make a donation here at an amount that meets your means. For additional support opportunities, please refer to drop down tabs to the left.

* Southside Cultural Center of Rhode Island (SCCRI) is a nonprofit organization, tax exempt under IRS code 501(c)(3). Contributions to SCCRI are tax-deductible as allowable by law.