We invite you to become an Individual Donor to support Southside Cultural Center of Rhode Island as it continues to connect, cultivate and engage community through the arts. Thank you to all of our current donors. Your donation is essential for the continued growth and success of SCCRI. 


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Laura Gabiger
Valerie Tutson
Peter Bortolotti
Richard Snyder
Ron Crosson
Anne Tait
Carla Destefano
Christina Bevilacqua
Adeola Oredola
Jude Sandy
James Roche & Catalina Martinez
Jesus Andujar
Christina Bevilacqua
Evelina Lapierre
Lincoln Financial Foundation Inc. 


Stephanie Fortunato
Shawn Christian
Jude Sandy
Lauren Greve
Feline Horwitz 


Robert Sugar
Valerie Tutson
Sylvia Ann Soares
Mildred Nichols
Deb Dormody 


Jodi Glass & Ruth Horton
Micheline Lombardi
Gwendolyn Buckley-Andrade


To become an Individual Donor, make a donation here at an amount that meets your means. For additional support opportunities, please refer to drop down tabs to the left.

* Southside Cultural Center of Rhode Island (SCCRI) is a nonprofit organization, tax exempt under IRS code 501(c)(3). Contributions to SCCRI are tax-deductible as allowable by law.

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